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Politics is my most recent interest, and it started in late 2009 when I started to get involved in helping to support my favourite party at the time. Since then my views have stayed the same, but the party's views have changed, therefore my vote has been a much harder one to place.


 This section of the website will be used for my political ideas and other information relating to politics of today. Please keep an eye on this section. My views are totally mixed in terms of parties, but I vote for what I believe in.


Vote Lib Dems at the council elections!


We need the Lib Dems this year for the council! Support them by voting for the Liberal Democrats this year at the council elections!


Jim Hume for MSP for South of Scotland


Jim is already the MSP for the South of Scotland area and has done a lot of great work in the area, including keeping town centres alive. Let's show our support and make sure we vote for him again in the Scottish election!


Keep the T in Town Centre!


I am doing a lot of work right now to get our local Tesco to stay in the centre of town. Why does a town like this need Tesco in the centre?


Well the answer is straight out that it keeps it in business. Without Tesco, the centre of the town would not be as busy and many smaller firms would fail. So Tesco holds all of these companies together and make the local area popular.


So keep the T in Town Centre!


Cheaper buses


The local bus service currently charges £3.60 to get from one end of the village to the next town which is about 5 stops later. For anyone from there it costs £1.20 anywhere. This is because other bus services run in the area and First cannot run their monopoly here. We are under the effect of their monopoly, so sign our petition and help the locals stand up to this betrayal.


Recycle, recycle, recycle!


The government keeps going on about recycling. This is why they should be doing more to provide recycle bins around the country. The idea is that they should be placed next to bins and therefore allow us to choose them over bins for bottles and the like. This will mean that less goes to landfills, which we are running out of now.












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