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Welcome to my current projects section of my website! I intend to put information relating to my current and future projects on this part of my website.


As you may have already noticed, there is a section of this website called Software. This is because I develop software for my own and other people's use. My aim is to construct useful software whilst teaching me new methods for my own programming.


My current works are described below.


Raspberry Pi plans


With the great new invention, the Raspberry Pi, my brother and I have utilised its small size for creating a new media player within the house. The software was developed by myself, and it can access a hard drive on any computer within the house. The project is still on going.


We are also now working on a second project which involves creating a pinball table, themed by my brother and developed by both of our electronic knowledges.

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I am a very keen software developer. My main project throughout the last two years has been on BlackRabbit, now in its 2012 version. BlackRabbit is my own scripting language that takes advantage of my fantastic class library and the classes and modules within it. BlackRabbit quickly assembles text files that can be easily interpreted by a runtime environment or the interpreter built into the software.



Elements Office Ultra Edition


Elements Office IconElements Office Ultra Edition has been designed as a fully fledged office suite. The suite is now made of multiple individually downloadable applications, including Cobweb, Painter Pro, Record Checker and Wonderword. The suite has been under development for years since 2005. 

Elements Office has now taken over from Octangonal Office which had a similar design. I am the leader programmer on this project, and work with my brother to create icons.





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