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Software Alpha-Beta Application Program


From October 2012, I launched a program known as SABAP (or Software Alpha-Beta Application Program) which is the current way of downloading applications from my site.

However, in recent months, I have changed the way this works. My site's redesign has allowed me to add a section dedicated to software. So under this title, there are pages about each piece of software as well as download links. Whilst some of them may have links, some may not. This because they are still in an unstable alpha version which has not been released. I work on these applications on my own, the only other contributions I receive are finance, code from others and icons from my brother and others.


System requirements


All of software applications are built on my own class library, the Balfour's Business Class Library. This means that they all utilise the same code. Therefore the following system requirements which have been drawn up affect all of the applications:


  • x86 processor or x64 processor
  • 1GHz minimum
  • 256MB memory
  • We recommend 10GB of free space on your drive for the purpose of page files
  • Windows XP SP2*, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 supported

*Windows XP does not support all of the features including glass and many other features available only in later versions.


Terms and conditions for downloading


The most important condition to using the software that must be observed is that it is not to be distributed as someone else's code. The other very important condition that you must observe is that the software is closed-source and may not be decompiled.




There is no warranty provided with the software, and as such any problems that the end user may encounter with the software or problems that occur on their computer because of the software is the sole responsibility of the user.


Possible issues


Currently, some of the possible issues in the software, mainly due to the use of unmanaged code and specific-libraries that have no type restrictions. This can cause problems with some users and inputs.


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