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I will continue to post my completed projects to this page when they are completed. I will describe them for the purpose of references.


PC build for Mr C. Thompson (2009)

This was my first computer I have built myself. I was building my own at the time but due to a faulty part was waiting on a delivery of the last part and managed to complete this computer before finishing my own computer. Featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 4GB RAM, 400W PSU and Radeon 4670 this computer was neatly assembled for Mr Thompson. As part of my service for building the system I had agreed to help maintain it for 3 years afterwards.



My PC (2009 - 2011) - The Platypus


As mentioned above, my own PC came slightly after my first build. My PC had a Core 2 Quad Q9550, 4GB RAM, 850W PSU and a Radeon 5670. It was primarily used as a data center, featuring three 1TB drives and two 2TB drives and a 120GB solid state drive. The system lasted just 2 years before I felt it was time to start a new project. The project was codenamed The Platypus. After a long two years with the system, with many upgrades from the original specification, it was time for an upgrade, as I had read how good the Core i7 was for video editing due to it's new QuickSync 2.0.

My PC (2011 onwards) - The Zebra


The Zebra was a necessary upgrade on my previous PC and was designed specifically for its advantageous video editing capabilities. The Zebra features a Core i7 2600K, 8GB RAM, 850W PSU and a Radeon 7950. The purpose of this computer was also as my first purpose-built gaming computer. The Zebra is still in action and acts as a server for the many computers I currently own and want to share data with.





BudgieBase (2008)


BirdBase was an application developed for Dave from Blackpool. Dave was a man who bred budgies and wanted a manageable solution for maintaining information about these budgies. That's where BudgieBase came in handy for this purpose. It was my first bespoke application. It gave options for choosing colours and other features which could be easily changed at any time to give more flexibility. The application also had a user interface for inserting information as well as a backend table for storing the database.


BookBase (2010)


Built for my father, BookBase was a database application built on BudgieBase. It was designed more for books, of course. The application stored the ISBN, author, title, a photograph, a field for who is borrowing the book and a barcode. The book would be stored in the database and if anyone were to borrow the book, you could quickly scan it and the database will register it as being borrowed. The next step was simply to specify who was borrowing it. BookBase and BudgieBase evolved into Record Checker.


Chain Chomp in Second Life (2009)


Whilst I was at a summer school course in 2009 as part of my university work, I was working on Second Life. I had to make a model using the limited resources of Second Life. Thus, my team of three decided to make a Chain Chomp model whose mouth would open and close and his eyes would follow avatars as they get closer. Our team won and we received the Merit Award.





Flygon in Second Life (2012)


My work in Second Life in 2012 consisted of working on a Pokemon. My idea originally was to make my own Pokemon and then make it do it's own thing, however, a friend of mine in the class suggested that we both make Pokemon and make them battle. I worked on about 200 lines of code that works on weaknesses and super-effectives from Pokemon as well as a communication method whilst we both designed them. You can download the source code for the type effectiveness from this link.


As part of the same project, I took the options a bit further. I created a Pokeball that stores the Flygon within it, rezzing him out of the ball. I then also added another Pokemon (similarly Dragon typed) to the Pokeball called Altaria, who is also pictured. Altaria did the same as Flygon and has animation as well, giving the user of the Pokeball a second choice.

I am proud of both, or all three of my Second Life creations and would encourage the use of Second Life to get a bit of an idea on 3D modelling and programming together as one.



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