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About my development experience


I have been developing software since 2005, when I was in my 3rd year of high school where we learned a bit of VB6. I never liked Visual Basic 6, feeling that what we were developing did not have the same modern appearance as other application programming languages. I went online in the hope that Visual Basic would be a cheap programming language to learn, but I was wrong. Visual Basic retailed for about £2000 in the full Visual Studio 6 package. This was too much to pay. I gave up. Then a couple of months later I started to use VBA in Microsoft Outlook thinking that I could simply create programs in that and compile them. How wrong I was. VBA is a language used for scripting into Outlook and the like. But still its code was very similar to Visual Basic 6.



I continued to look around until one day I stumbled across VB.NET and C#.NET. I found C# too difficult at first and I thought that VB.NET was going to be exactly the same as Visual Basic 6. Again, I was incredibly wrong. This however, seemed to be an advantage. I picked it up on my own, somehow. Then I started to work on some bigger projects such as an ecommerce application, my word processor, graphics package and many more applications. I now even just write applications that just do the simple tasks such as renaming and organising my computer. That's what makes me visually a basic geek. I now also write my own code to share and work with my brother who makes my applications their icons.


Since then I have improved my skills. So much so that I now spend most week nights working for about 3 hours on either my website, YouTube or programming, and most of the time programming is the number one.


I personally feel now that any language that you learn has the ability to let you learn another, the principles remain the same. That's what I believe and that's why I picked up Java in no time at all, even though I only had a small amount of C#.NET and VB.NET.


I can explain what I am saying too;


Firstly you write a simple algorithm that calculates the maximum of an array in VB.NET:


 Dim Array As New List(Of Integer)


Dim max As Integer = 0

For Each i In Array
   If i > max Then
      max = i
   End If


Similarly, in the C#.NET algorithm:


List<int> Array = new List<int>();


int max = 0;

foreach (object i_loopVariable in Array) {
      i = i_loopVariable;
      if (i > max) {
          max = i;


Of course, you could always just get the maximum number by calling the method within the List type.


So I decided from what I had obtained, I wanted to make my own scripting language that does all of the work behind the scenes using my own library of code, and eventually this turned into my own language known as BlackRabbit.


Anyway, this section of my website is designed to allow you to choose a language and get coding from it. More language may come, but just the languages available are below.




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