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Starting in 2004 with what was then known as MSN Hotmail, the franchise has grown to allow Twitter, YouTube and many other different accounts to extend this to become one large collection of ways for me to show my interest in many areas.


It was not long before I decided to make all of my accounts under one name; jamiebalfour04. Now my work has extended to many different fields and I work regularly on videos for YouTube and tweet on Twitter regularly and post on Google+ more and more now.


You can find my pages through the following links:








The majority of the work I do currently is on YouTube and I tweet weekly.


Flickr is the oldest of these accounts. I use Flickr for uploading some random photographs but also will be using it for my semi-professional to professional photography. We'll see how that goes given time. However, I have stopped using it and despite whatever anyone says; I prefer Photobucket.


If you are interesting in posting a helpful comment in relation to my account, please send me an email to my YouTube account via the Contact section on my site.



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