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This section of my website is about what interests me. My interests have always stayed pretty much the same, appart from my interest in politics, which varies all the time.


Politics is my most recent interest, and it started in late 2009 when I started to get involved in helping to support my favourite party at the time. Since then my views have stayed the same, but the party's views have changed, therefore my vote has been a much harder one to place.


Of course I have an interest in computing and computer science, but you can read about my computing interest in the Computing section as it deserves it's own section being so important to me.


All in all, the section describes my sport interests such as cycling as well, but I have also dedicated a bit of it to my Warcraft III files that I will be placing here. The maps, models and textures may have copyrights, but I only specify them within the maps. However, if there is a copyright model or texture that someone else owns, please contact me immediately and we can get this changed. My maps which are uploaded may not be available when you come to download them, but I will also be including information on my upcoming maps.


The Warcraft III interest is not a major part of my website and I will try to post new maps as soon as possible but it is not my priority (that would be the Software section that is the priority).


If you want to read about what interests me, such as technology you can probably find most of that in the About section under Me.




























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