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Website policy


This website has the following policies when related to users browsing.




There are portions where you can (if you choose to) submit information to the website. For example, you subscribe to my mail list. When you submit information, you consent to the collection, processing and storage of that information for that specific purpose.


I will not pass on your details to any third party unless you give me permission to do so.




A cookie is a small file which contains a random, unique identifier (made up of numbers). It is downloaded on to a device when a user accesses certain websites. A cookie allows the website to recognise that user's device (through its identifier).


I currently use Google Analytics to analyse web traffic as well as the most popular pages on my site. This is a piece of software built into the pages that uses cookies to store information.


Intellectual Property (IP)


Whilst I maintain as part of my reviews etc, a good sourcing foundation, there are places where I may not have mentioned the original source, if for any reason you notice something that has not been correctly acknowledged, contact me and I will include it.


Any other logos, icons, text and reviews are copyrighted to this website.




This website is scanned for viruses, worms and trojans by my host one.com. If for any reason you obtain a virus, worm or trojan from my site, please contact me immediately on support@jamiebalfour.com and I will try to help and prevent this from happening again.


External links


I do my best to ensure that all external links posted on this site are trusted sources, however, if for any reason you feel that a link posted is to a fraudulent source, please contact me immediately on support@jamiebalfour.com.


Email to jamiebalfour.com


If for any reason you subscribe or send an email to one of the email accounts of this website, your data and email address provided will not be passed on to third party companies. In a matter of fact, the only person who will use this data about you is me, unless otherwise stated.


The site does its best to protect your data but does not guarantee its safety.


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