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Probably my least interesting section of my website is the section on Life. I have no plans for this section and it will probably be filled with articles and other different downloads.

I am not planning on writing a life story on this webpage as that would make the About Me section useless, but I want to introduce myself a bit more.

About me

First off, I was born in Scotland, in 1991 to two Glaswegians.

My parents always believed with me that I would be a teacher eventually. This has since been my ambition. However, at first I wanted to teach primary education, but after learning that my primary interest was computing related, I decided to use my well concealed talent in the area to learn to program and eventually to become a teacher at a secondary school level in the area of computing.


Throughout my school life, I developed to become a much more confident person. After a while, I decided to move on and step the game up a bit. In my sixth year at secondary school, I decided I had to work much harder and decided that the idea of going to university would be the thing for me. I decided to do a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at university before going to teacher training. My eventual aim is to become a Doctor of Computer Science.

I have since then learned to become a very good programmer, with a knowledge now of ASP.NET, C, C#, Java, Visual Basic, VB.NET, HTML, PHP and VBS. All of these languages have been self-taught apart from Java and C, which I learned through my university course.

My knowledge in the other areas of computier science has also been very wide as I have a major interest in connectivity of computers but also share my interest with hardware and software, so I would say that I am interested in almost every aspect of computing.


Anyway, this section of my site is about my life. As part of this section, I may put articles which relate to life.


There's a lot more about me in the About section of my site.











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