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This website was created by myself, Jamie Balfour, along with Michael Balfour who contributed some artworks. The website has the main aims of creating my own web presence. I have used some CSS from other people who have shared it on the internet, and I would like to take a moment to thanks these people. They are mentioned below.


This has been said about my new website:


"Smart and stylish, and much better than before"


"Your new site looks great! Can you do one like that for me?"


The website has been laid out in as structured and formatted a way as possible and I aim to continue to improve it.


Cascading Style Sheets used on this site may have issues with some browsers such as Google Chrome. As browsers do not support every feature that is out there, such as some parts of CSS3, it is very difficult to get the page to display correctly on every browser. As such, I would really appreciate any feedback regarding issues so that I can solve them as quickly as possible.


If you like my site, please follow me on Twitter, Google Plus and all the other social networks.


You can also read reviews on certain products on my site as well. As well as doing YouTube reviews, I write reviews that can be found on the pages relevant to them, mostly on the Articles page.

Up at the top right of the page you will find all the sections on the website. You can use these to navigate around the website. Please feel free to browse the site and leave feedback.

 This site is powered by windmills

Also, in case you had not noticed, my webhost, One.com, has servers purely powered by wind turbines! So this website has no major environmental footprint. Marvellous!


I'd like to thank the following people for some of their works that appear across my site:


Cedric Ruiz


BarelyFitz Designs



This website will be under constant maintenance until as it will be transitioning with the times, please enjoy the new interface and I hope that it will please you as much as it does me.


This website was designed and built using Microsoft Expression Web 4.0, Notepad, Painter Pro Ultra Edition and a bit of FrontPage 2003.

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