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Computing has been my main interest since about 2003. After deciding to study it in school in 2005, I decided that programming was my main interest. I now also develop software such as an internet browser, a word processor and a graphics package.


Computing is an emerging industry, and one that has become a very large part of our everyday lives. This page for instance, is being viewed on an internet browser, which will translate the HTML code into objects that humans can use. The information itself is sent as packets of 1s and 0s (binary data) from a server which hosts the page.


The computer industry is all important to us now. This page will give access to certain areas of computing such as research and information. I will also be using this page share programming samples and use the rest of the site for tutorials.


Screenshots of CPUID CPU-Z and TechPowerUp GPU-Z are shown below of my new computer, "The Zebra":















My desktop computer benchmark rating (2011 on):


NovaBench Score


My notebook computer (MacBook Pro 13" 2011) benchmark rating:


NovaBench Score


My convertible tablet PC (Fujitsu Lifebook T4410) benchmark rating:


NovaBench Score


Below are benchmarks of legacy systems that I have reviewed. I thought I'd keep them here in case NovaBench removes them.


Desktop computer (2009 - 2011):


NovaBench Score


My convertible tablet PC (HP TX2-1340ea):


NovaBench Score



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