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"there's no point in living, if you can't feel alive"


-Electra King, The World Is Not Enough (1999)



Welcome to my new website! I will be using this website for tutorials as well as opinions.

I am thinking about learning web development at some point but for now I've built this site with the knowledge (or lack of) that I already have of web development.


Just a little bit about me and the site


I am interested in technology, gadgets and computer science. I am also on YouTube where I do hardware reviews which I also now write to this website. My cause is simply to help others to become knowledgeable in computer science and to provide my own web presence. You can read more in the About Me section.


This website has twelve sections at the top each with subsections, which I aim to use to display the things I want to display on the internet with this website.




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